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How Our Business Takes Care of Your Business | SERVPRO of Rochester

5/15/2024 (Permalink)

Close-up of asian female worker cleaning white desk in modern office using disinfectant Let our team help your Rochester business sparkle with a variety of commercial services!

If you own a business in the Rochester community, you know just how much work it takes to be successful. There is so much to do on a daily basis while also planning for the future and keeping everyone on task to meet your goals. 

While owning and running a business is certainly more of a lifestyle than a simple 9–5 job, that doesn’t mean you have to do every single thing yourself. Relying on others and helpful companies to get you where you need to be can take some serious weight off of your shoulders.

SERVPRO of Rochester is here to help make your experience as a business owner that much more rewarding. We proudly offer our restoration and cleaning services to the amazing businesses in our community and we are here 24/7 for whenever you need us.  

We Help You Through Disasters

When you think of disaster situations, Mother Nature typically comes to mind. Severe thunderstorms, floods and tornadoes can certainly cause serious damage to your property and require immediate cleanup needs. 

Manmade accidents can also end in disaster and require a trained hand to recover from. Breakroom fires, chemical spills and water leaks from busted pipes can all cause serious damage in a short amount of time. 

Did you know that up to 25% of businesses do not reopen again after suffering from a disaster? That’s a lot of failed potential due to something relatively simple as business restoration! 

Call us as soon as you suffer from a disaster situation so we can get right to work on your recovery. We will assess the situation, designate a project manager for the job and help you repair your property from start to finish so you can open back up faster. 

We Can Help You Keep Your Business Clean

While you most likely have a janitorial staff that helps you keep your property clean on a regular basis, they probably don’t have the training or job description to handle the more niche cleaning jobs. Do the jobs of cleaning your upholstery and deep-cleaning your carpets land with you, then? 

It doesn’t have to be this way! Our commercial cleaning team can come out to your business to handle your carpet cleaning, upholstery and drapery cleaning, and we can even get into your air ducts and clean out your vents. Having a clean business is important visually for your customers, but it also ensures the health and safety of your staff that are under your roof every day.

Those Unexpected Situations

You probably plan for common disaster situations like fires, floods and the occasional water leak from rainstorms, but you most likely don’t have a plan for every single disaster scenario imaginable. If you find yourself the unfortunate victim of a crime, suffer an accident at work or come upon a sewage leak, it can be really overwhelming. 

Let our biohazard team handle any sort of cleanup when it comes to potentially toxic substances. Without the proper PPE, substances like blood, crime scene residue and sewage can be dangerous or even deadly. 

Our crew will arrive quickly, secure the situation and tackle your cleanup with confidence and with safety in mind. We can also handle repairs and reconstruction needs if your property suffered damage as a result of the situation. SERVPRO of Rochester is here for you for whatever you may need for your business.

We can help make sure your business runs smoothly no matter what. Contact SERVPRO of Rochester today.

Tips for Investigating Potential Water Leaks | SERVPRO of Rochester

2/15/2024 (Permalink)

Water leaking and flooded on wood parquet floor. Room floor will damage after the water flooded Don't let water linger in your home, call SERVPRO of Rochester to get the job done!

You are going about your day and all of a sudden are hit with a musty smell when walking into your bathroom or your feet become wet as you step into a random puddle in your basement. While you deal with the immediate frustrating feeling of potentially discovering a water leak, you also want to make sure you find the source of it right away to prevent the situation from getting any worse.

Tracking down a water leak might take some work, especially if it started in a hard-to-reach space or an area of your home that you don’t check often. Prioritize these locations when looking so you can track it down and locate it faster.

Going on the Hunt

One of the first places that we suggest to check is anywhere that is directly connected to the outside elements. We see all kinds of rain, snow, sleet and ice throughout the year, and any of that can easily infiltrate our homes through hairline cracks around windows, doors and even small wiring holes. Run your hands over your window panes, check by your doors for new puddles and check your walls for signs of residual moisture.

Another common place for leaks are the pipes that are flowing water to and from our homes on a daily basis. A single worn seal or a connection that has loosened over time can quickly create a small drip that turns into a gush of water. 

The same is true for exterior water lines and spigots. A spigot that is left to drip can slowly form into a puddle near your foundation that will leak down into your basement and turn it into a watery mess. 

Investigating Your Appliances

How many appliances do you have in your home that use water to function? We all have at least one, and these handy appliances can unfortunately leak at any moment. 

If you discover a puddle near your dishwasher or your laundry room is starting to smell funny, it’s time to start pulling appliances away from the wall to check for signs of moisture behind and beneath them. 

If you do discover a water leak, water spot or mold growth, stay calm! Depending on how long the water leak has been happening, taking action quickly is important. Turn off the water connections to stop the flow of water and then give us a call right away. Our team will make sure to tackle your restoration with speed and confidence. 

Why Hiring a Professional Restoration Team Matters

Once water starts to leak where it shouldn’t, it can cause chaos in minutes. It will leak into every available crack and crevice in your home and can eventually get behind your walls or under your floors. This lingering moisture can be really hard to get at by yourself!

Over time, that can lead to structural degradation in your home as well as potential mold infestations. Our team will arrive quickly to tackle the standing water as well as focus on removing the water that you can’t easily reach on your own. 

After your space is dry, we will expertly tackle your repairs to help you make a full recovery. Don’t wait! Call us 24/7 for immediate water damage restoration assistance. 

Don’t let a water leak go unaddressed! Contact SERVPRO of Rochester right away.

Top Ways to Prevent House Fires | SERVPRO of Rochester

12/8/2023 (Permalink)

Firefighters at house fire Help protect your home or business this holiday season with these fire prevention tip from SERVPRO of Rochester!

Suffering through a house fire is probably near the top of every homeowner’s list of worst nightmares. The sheer level of damage, not to mention the potential for danger or catastrophe, can keep anyone awake at night. 

While we all know that not every house fire scenario can be prevented, there are things you can do to reduce your risk of a house fire. The tips below can be incorporated into your daily routine to help keep your home and family safe and sound. 

Starting in the Kitchen

The majority of house fires start in the kitchen, but that should be no surprise! We use heat and flame to cook most of our meals, so that directly increases the chance of fire whenever we turn on the stove or preheat our ovens. Because of that, you should never leave your kitchen area when you are actively cooking or baking. Walking away for even a moment is enough time for a kitchen towel to catch on fire or for a grease fire to erupt. 

Stay close by, and keep a lid near you at all times. If a fire does break out, you can quickly throw the lid over your pot to smother the flames. You should also take the time to remove flammable materials from around your stove like wooden utensils, pot holders, oven mitts and even flammable décor items. 

Electrical Safety Tips
Another place for fires to break out is anywhere near your electronics or in your outlets. Electricity is a vital part of our daily life nowadays, but it doesn’t come without risks. Outlets can easily become overwhelmed and overheat, so try to limit what you have plugged in at any given time and consider investing in a surge protector for important spaces like your office or utility room.

You should also limit the amount of extension cords and outlet extenders. Plugging an extension cord into another extension cord is called daisy-chaining and that can be really dangerous, especially indoors. Unplug whatever you aren’t actively using and address loose or warm outlets right away. 

Candles and Space Heaters  

Who doesn’t love to be cozy? Candles and space heaters can warm you up and give your room the coziest feel, especially on those chilly winter nights. Blow out your candles completely before heading to bed or when leaving the room, and be sure they are always set up in a safe location away from kids and pets. 

If you utilize space heaters, set yours up on a level, nonflammable surface and keep a close eye on them. Space heaters are beneficial in the fact that they can easily be moved, but that means they can easily be tipped over. Only use them when you are present in the room and then turn them off before going to sleep. 

Preventing house fires is not always possible, which is why we are here. SERVPRO of Rochester will help put your house back together faster, and we will ensure to remove smoke odors and damaged debris with ease before tackling your repairs.

Suffered a house fire? Make SERVPRO of Rochester your first call after the flames are out.

We Can Handle Your Remodel With Confidence | SERVPRO of Rochester

11/27/2023 (Permalink)

Carpenter working on new kitchen cabinets Let SERVPRO of Rochester help you with the home of your dreams.

One of the best parts about being a homeowner are all of the projects and changes you can make to your home to make it truly yours! You probably have a running list of all of the things you want done some day.

Once you have saved up the money and made your plans for that new addition or remodel, it’s time to get to work. You grab your supplies, gather your tools and take that confident first swing with a hammer. Halfway through your demolition, you quickly realize that you are in over your head. What do you do?

You call SERVPRO of Rochester, of course! Our talented team is not only a trusted leader in the restoration industry, but we are also a full-service construction and remodeling company that can take your dream and turn it into a reality. 

Taking Control of Your Construction
We are well-known for our ability to confidently help our community overcome disaster, but we can do so much more! We can take over a DIY project gone wrong or simply handle your entire remodel from start to finish. We will take care of creating the construction plans as well as the actual remodeling process. 

We will start by coming out to your house to see the space with our own eyes. We will listen to your design ideas, and then our team will take that vision and create a plan that fits your specific home design and budgetary needs.

Our team is fully trained to build entire rooms, hang up drywall, finish ceilings, add new cabinetry and even tackle wiring projects. 

We Take Care of It All
Think your project is too large or too complicated for our team? No way! We have the training and expertise to handle minor improvement projects all the way to marble floor repair and HVAC work.

Another benefit of working with our team is that we take care of it all! When you work with SERVPRO of Rochester, you will only ever be dealing with us during your construction. You can say goodbye to working with different contractors and navigating multiple confusing contracts. 

We will be with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth construction. Our team will even take care of pulling the right permits and following all necessary codes. 

We know that it can be scary to have people in your home that you don’t know, which is why we work hard to make sure we get to know you along the way. We will treat your space like it was our own, and we will always be on time and reliable. 

Ready for that remodel? Contact SERVPRO of Rochester today. 

Flooded Home? Here’s What to Do | SERVPRO of Rochester

11/27/2023 (Permalink)

Flooding causes closures on a rural road. Need help after a flood? SERVPRO of Rochester is here for you when disaster strikes.

The Rochester area is surrounded by water due to the different rivers that run through town and the lakes that are right on the outskirts of the community. While we love the easy access to the water, this close proximity raises the risk of experiencing flooding conditions from time to time. 

When the rain falls heavy and fast, it can raise water levels and cause that runoff to make its way down the streets and into our basements. If that happens, standing water can cause serious damage in a short amount of time. 

Responding quickly to a flood can help you stay in control and reduce your risk of extensive or irreversible damage. 

Responding First 

Floods can be large or small, but it is always overwhelming to have water in your home where it shouldn’t be. If you come home to a flooded basement or you are watching helplessly as rainwater is pouring into your home, try to stay calm and avoid walking through the water or touching it. 

Floodwater can be toxic, because it can pick up chemicals, storm debris or even dangerous substances like sewage as it flows from outside your home onto your floor. The rush of water can also cause electrical malfunctions, which can charge the water and make it dangerous or deadly to touch. 

Observe the situation from higher, drier ground, and then call us right away. Our team will ask many questions to help us better understand the situation, and we will ask you to take as many photos as possible to not only help us with your restoration plan but also to help make your insurance claim process smoother. 

What Happens When We Show Up

Our first priority will be to remove the standing water from your home. The longer it sits, the worse the damage can become and the higher the chance that mold will start to form. We will bring in our industry-leading drying equipment and extract all the water, including the hidden moisture behind your walls. 

Once your space is dry, we will get started on your repairs. Oftentimes, flood situations end in warped floors, soggy drywall or ruined carpets, so we will tend to these areas quickly to get your home returned back to its pre-flood condition. 

If this isn’t the first time your home has flooded, we can suggest changes to your property to help reduce the risk of this happening again. The installation of a sump pump can be a great solution as can grading your property to slope down and away from your house. 

Our team is here to help take care of you when floods strike. Call us day or night for immediate assistance. 

Floods can cause serious damage to your property. Call SERVPRO of Rochester for a faster recovery.

Preparing for Tornadoes in Southern Minnesota | SERVPRO of Rochester

7/27/2023 (Permalink)

Black tornado funnel and lightning over field during thunderstorm Has your home been impacted by a tornado this season? Call SERVPRO of Rochester to get your home back in order.

We are in the heart of severe weather and tornado season here in Rochester, and while it has been a quieter season than usual at this point, severe weather can pop up at any time. This hot and humid time of year is known to produce warm and sunny mornings that quickly turn south as storm systems develop over the plains and roll toward us. 

Preparing for severe weather starts much earlier than after the weather warning is announced. By preparing your yard, family and home now, you can jump into action as soon as a tornado warning is issued. SERVPRO of Rochester’s team wants you to stay as safe as possible during this volatile time of year, so read on to learn how to prepare. 

Preparing Your Home

One of the most destructive parts of a storm is wind. Winds can easily reach over 100 miles per hour during a strong storm and they can pick up debris and objects along the way. Keep your yard tidy as often as possible by removing dead branches or limbs and pick up toys or yard equipment regularly.

If severe weather is predicted a few days out, take the time to tie down outdoor furniture and secure things to the ground like propane tanks or anything else you don’t want blowing or floating away. You should also clear out any debris from your gutters to help the rain flow down and away from your home.

Preparing Your Family

Tornadoes can be dangerous or even deadly if you are in their path, so the last thing you want to be doing is running around grabbing supplies and getting ready if one is on the way to your house. Ensure that your safe shelter location is in an interior room without any windows, and keep it clear during the entire season so you can get to it quickly if needed.

Your freshly restocked emergency kit should also be waiting for you there. Pack anything that your family would need to live comfortably during and after a storm. This includes fresh water, shelf-stable food, batteries and flashlights, and a weather radio. Don’t forget to check your kit at the beginning of every season to make sure nothing is expired or was used and not replaced. 

What to Do During a Tornado Warning

We know that many people’s first instinct when a tornado warning is issued is to head out to the driveway to chat with the neighbors about it and watch the storm come in. Storms are cool, that much is true, but don’t do that! Conditions can change in the blink of an eye, and the wind can quickly create projectiles.

Head inside and get to your safe shelter location right away. Don’t forget to grab your pets, too! Stay there and wait out the storm, and consider sheltering under a sturdy table or workbench for added protection. 

After the storm, take a walk around your property to assess the damage. SERVPRO of Rochester’s storm restoration team is trained to handle any sort of storm damage, and we are here for you 24/7 to help you recover. Don’t hesitate to call us!

Summer storm damage can be extensive. Call SERVPRO of Rochester for immediate assistance.

End of Summer Tips to Care for Your Home

8/29/2022 (Permalink)

If you are like us at SERVPRO of Rochester, it's hard to realize that the end of Summer is here!  Schools are starting, busses are on the roads again and soon it will be Fall. 

The time between the seasons of Summer and Fall is a great time to make sure your home is ready for a new season and in a few months that word...SNOW.

Here a few tips we recommend to help keep your home in good condition for a new season.

Outside your home:

  • Clean your gutters. Remove any debris to ensure rainfall can go through the gutter. 
  • Perform a visual inspection of the perimeter of your home. Look to make sure there is a positive grade going away from your home, not towards your foundation. 
  • Look at trees, branches and limbs close to your home.  Are there any that could damage your home and windows if there were strong winds? 

Inside your home:

  • Check your furnace filter. Do you need to change it? Make sure to write the date you changed the filter. 
  • Check your smoke detectors. This is a good time to change the batteries. 
  • Do you have a carbon monoxide detector? It's a good time to change the batteries or get a new one. 

You Must Deal With a Water Damage

7/22/2022 (Permalink)

Absolutely NO-ONE wants a water damage in their home, apartment, business or rental. Water damages happen due to different reasons from burst pipe, overflowing appliance or toilet, broken sump pump or water heater. 

It's always interesting when SERVPRO of Rochester arrives on site of a customer's home and are completing paperwork.  One of the questions is, "When did this loss occur?" You may be surprised to learn that the answer varies from an hour ago to six months ago.  Yes, you read that correctly....six months. 

So, what really happens if you wait to report a water damage to your insurance company and call us?  Waiting to start mitigation services from SERVPRO of Rochester is not a good idea.  The longer you wait to start the process the longer you could incur more damage to your home. 

What are some of the things that can happen to your home if you wait to do anything with your water damage?  Waiting may cause additional damage to your home and items in your home.  Water left standing can intrude in doors, wood trim, sheetrock, carpet, carpet pad, chairs, couches, pretty much any items that are not hard. 

If you find yourself with a water damage you should find the source of the water and stop it.  Then, call your insurance company, SERVPRO of Rochester and if possible move any items out of the water.

Firework Clean-Up Tips

7/6/2022 (Permalink)

Celebrating the Fourth of July and lighting off fireworks is a long awaited tradition for many of us. For some people it's the planning and going to the fireworks store to pick out the perfect fireworks. 

SERVPRO of Rochester would like to help you stay safe during the Fourth of July festivities. After you have grilled out, prepared for lighting off fireworks and waited for dusk to be able to begin the fireworks show and then enjoyed lighting them, it's time to think about the clean-up. 

Here are a few tips SERVPRO of Rochester would like to share with you about the aftermath of lighting off fireworks.

  1. Let the used fireworks sit and cool down. 
  2. When the fireworks are cool, put them in a metal bucket that has water in it.
  3. Leave the used fireworks in the metal bucket overnight.
  4. The following day, put the fireworks from the water into a double or triple bag. 
  5. Dispose in garbage. 
  6. NEVER put used fireworks in a bonfire. 

Stay safe celebrating our freedom this Fourth of July.

Fourth of July Fire Tips

7/1/2022 (Permalink)

The Fourth of July is a time that many gather together with family and friends to celebrate the United States independence. There are parades, stellar sales in stores, purchasing fireworks, grilling out and then the long awaited lighting off fireworks!

Whether you participate in the lighting or are a spectator, SERVPRO of Rochester would like to share some firework injury facts and then some safety tips.

The National Fire Protection Association reports the following staggering statistics about injuries and damages to structures on the Fourth of July day. 

  • Each year there are 10,000 emergency room visits due to fireworks injuries on Fourth of July 
  • There are 19,500 structure fires reported on the day
  • Adults age 25-44 and children age 10-14 account for the most firework injuries and burns on the fourth
  • 64% of injuries are males
  • The leg and finger/ hand are the areas that sustain injury the most frequent due to fireworks injury

We at SERVPRO of Rochester wish you a Happy Fourth of July and hope you stay safe lighting fireworks. Here are a few tips from The American Red Cross. 

  1. If you are attending a public show of fireworks, stay at least 500 feet away from the display.
  2. If you are lighting off fireworks at home, make sure you have water close by in case a fire starts.
  3. Supervise children. 
  4. Light one firework at a time. Never "relight" a dud firework.