Recent Before & After Photos

Duct Cleaning in Rochester, MN

John performed a residential duct cleaning recently and the pictures speak for themselves! The results are amazing and show why having a duct cleaning is very i... READ MORE

Wood Railing

Do you have little hands in your home that touch walls and wood surfaces? We do too! SERVPRO of Rochester has an awesome product in the cleaning products line t... READ MORE


Life can change in the blink of an eye, literally. I can't tell you how many times we have heard from customers that they turned for just a minute or left the ... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Desk

One of the first things that we need to do upon arriving at the home is to assess the damage to the structure and contents. The before photo shows the desk that... READ MORE

Careful Where You Step!

In the last few years, Rochester MN has been ranked as on of the top 10 windiest cities in the US. The first picture shows damage in a part of the home that ha... READ MORE

Do It Yourself Job?

Can't I just fix my water damage? Some homeowners call us inquiring if they can just mitigate their own water damage using their own fans and dehumidifiers. Th... READ MORE

Basement Water Damage

The before photo shows an affected area in the basement after our technicians started working. It was determined after taking moisture readings that the materia... READ MORE

A Dishwasher Water Damage

Recently, SERVPRO of Rochester was called to mitigate a job where the dishwasher created a water damage. The first photo shows the beautiful kitchen before our ... READ MORE

Commercial Cleaning

SERVPRO of Rochester was hired for a rough general cleaning after a local school put on an addition to their building. There were still contractors in and out o... READ MORE

A Soaked Basement

Floods are the Earth's most common and most destructive forces that occurs naturally. SERVPRO of Rochester was literally flooded with calls during the last spri... READ MORE