Photo Gallery

SERVPRO of Rochester Building

SERVPRO of Rochester has done some big changes! We landscaped the front of the building and completely redid the driveway.  Looks awesome!

New Promaster Van!

Marc received delivery of this 2021 ProMaster 3500 van this morning! So excited to add this to our SERVPRO vehicles

Rochester Affected Contents After Fire

After a fire SERVPRO of Rochester technicians inventoried and took photos of any contents that were destroyed or uncleanable. However, some contents are able to be salvaged and cleaned using the SERVPRO cleaning products. SERVPRO of Rochester has an entire cleaning product line with two chemists on staff. Sometimes we run into stubborn affected materials and are able to consult with them and have success!

Rochester Home's Hardwood Flooring Injectidry Floor Drying System

There is a black panel that is placed directly on the hardwood floor and it creates a tight seal around the edges to help in the drying process. Our technicians then use a professional grade air mover and dehumidifier to connect these with the Injectidry Floor Drying System. When all this equipment is working together moisture is removed from the flooring and dried out to industry standards. 

SERVPRO of Rochester Water Mitigation

SERVPRO of Rochester uses many tools to assess water damages at customer's homes before starting to remove the affected materials. The photo shows Marc using the infarred camera to help determine areas that may be affected from water damage. In addition to infarred cameras, we take moisture readings of each different type of material in the rooms. 

Rochester Fire, Smoke & Soot Damage

SERVPRO of Rochester used a type of media blasting called soda blasting to help remove the soot, charred materials and smell of smoke. It's amazing to see the before affected materials to the right side of photo showing after media blasting. SERVPRO of Rochester did all the work "in house" by our technicians. 

If you find yourself dealing with your home after a fire, call SERVPRO of Rochester

Rochester Water Mitigation

The photo shows our technician, Seth, sweeping up a small area after demolition was completed.  We always try to leave the space that we worked in clean. Also, we take all debris and garbage with us to dispose of at our site. 

SERVPRO of Rochester PPE for Fire Mitigation

This photo shows our technicians with their PPE, personal protection equipment, on before entering the job. SERVPRO of Rochester requires all employees to wear a face mask and gloves at all times, due to COVID-19. Even after COVID-19 is gone, we always want to protect our employees and customers. 

Rochester Home Room Demolition Needed According to Readings

Our technicians came to the job, took moisture readings and determined the amount of affected wall that needed to be removed according to IICRC standards. There is a straight line across the wall to help ensure when the technicians remove that piece that it's a nice, clean cut.

Home Fire Mitigation in Rochester

SERVPRO of Rochester has had many customers with fires in their homes or garages. Experiencing a fire is traumatic and affects people in different ways. Some customers have described having a fire in their home is similar to loosing a loved one. We understand and want to help if you find yourself faced with the aftermath of a fire. 

This photo shows the aftermath of an area in a home we worked in. The outside of the home sustained some siding damage and some damage to the deck and stairs. Inside the home, all the contents were unsalvageable. SERVPRO of Rochester worked inside the home removing everything down to studs. 

Call SERVPRO of Rochester if you are in need of smoke, soot, or fire damage mitigation.

Rochester Sprinkler System Damage

SERVPRO of Rochester was called and hired to complete water mitigation at a local assisted living center in Rochester. 

This photo shows the set-up in the hallway as our technicians began water mitigation. We were happy to complete the work. 

Our technicians went through the hallways and apartments that were affected by the water. Sometimes in water mitigation, we are able to remove the pad and extract the water, place equipment and monitor until dry according to IICRC standards. However, more times than not, the water sits for an extended period of time absorbing into the different materials in the various rooms. It's our job to take readings, figure out what the plan is to get the area back to what it was before the water damage. 

We are here to help you.

SERVPRO of Rochester

SERVPRO of Rochester helps in Community Food Drive

SERVPRO of Rochester was able to help a local school.  The school had a food drive and in one week the student brought in over 3440 cans and boxes of cereal, pasta, soup, canned fruits and vegetables.  We were honored to help the school make sure the food got to Channel One.  SERVPRO of Rochester made two separate trips as the 15 barrels were completely filled a few times!  The kids and families were simply amazing!

Rochester Home Wood Floor Buckles

Unfortunately, we at SERVPRO of Rochester are called into a customer's home after the dishwasher water line has broken or has a leak. This leads to a horrible mess on the floor especially if you have wood floors.  This picture shows the extent of the damage when we arrived on site.  You can see the wood floors have buckled because of the water sitting on the floor.  SERVPRO of Rochester has a floor drying system that has saved some wood floors from having to be completely torn out.  One important factor when you have a leak like this is to immediately call your adjuster and then SERVPRO of Rochester.

SERVPRO of Rochester Working on Local Home Fire

SERVPRO of Rochester was called to a home where there had been a fire in the home.  Our technicians use dry sponges specifically made to remove soot and other debris that are in smoke. This process is incredible when you are working and watching the ceiling change color becoming cleaner and cleaner.  The sponge is actually made of vulcanized latex rubber and has pores on it similar to a sponge allowing small, fine particles to be absorbed. The dry sponge is put on our extendable dry sponge pole.  The technician works different ways meticulously and is able to get the soot successfully removed. 

Rochester Kitchen Fire

SERVPRO of Rochester had the opportunity to work on this fire job at a residence in Rochester, MN.  The fire started very quickly but caused extensive damage to the kitchen, walls, appliances and cabinets. 

We worked directly with the customer and insurance adjuster to get this kitchen all cleaned up, some parts replaced while other parts were cleaned.  

Our technicians came in and cleaned all the affected areas with SERVPRO cleaning products.  Even though you can't always see the soot from fires, it's there all over the surfaces. There is a process to getting the items back to normal. 

Byron Home Removal of Affected Area ONLY

I am proud to say that SERVPRO of Rochester takes great care and time on each job.  We try to understand the history on what happened to cause the damage, find the cause of loss, find the areas of affected materials, communicate with the customer and then make a plan on how to proceed. 

On this particular job, it was determined that only part of the tile in this bathroom was affected. Once determined the exact tiles that were affected and that weren't, our technicians marked off the area.  This photo was during the tile removal.  After tile removal more material readings were taken and documented.  Then commercial fans were placed.  

Rochester Kitchen Cabinet Contents Melted

According to FEMA on an annual basis, fires cause over $8.6 billion in damage to homes in the U.S. 

It's reported that in two minutes a fire can become life threatening and in five minutes the home can become engulfed in flames.

SERVPRO of Rochester has been involved with this fire at a multi unit rental home.  This picture shows some items in the kitchen. It's incredible the power that fire has and how fast items are destroyed.  This photo shows how plastic items were melted so much that it changed into a liquid and is suspended in air. 

We are happy to help during times of need and work with all involved from multi tenants, landlords, property managers to homeowners.

Rochester Water Mitigation Commercial Job

SERVPRO of Rochester was recently called to a commercial job where the sprinkler system had gone off and destroyed many rooms. 

The picture is of the commercial sprinkler head. This was the cause of loss at this particular job. 

At each job, SERVPRO of Rochester, finds and documents the cause of loss.  Insurance companies require that there is documentation at each job for what the cause of loss was. 

There were many steps to this job. We always take time to speak with the customer first then take photos for documentation, obtain moisture readings, bring in our technicians and then start working.  

SERVPRO of Rochester works hard to keep the customer and adjuster informed throughout the process. 

Wabasha Nicotine Cleaning

SERVPRO of Rochester was hired to help clean an apartment where the tenant had moved out after living there for over ten years.  It was a great day to clean up this apartment.  We cleaned the entry way, two bedrooms and closets, kitchen, living room and full bathroom. SERVPRO of Rochester had its work cut out for us that day.  It was a great day and so rewarding to help the owners get their unit back to clean and new looking.

This picture shows the kitchen corner cabinet.  The left side of the picture shows how the cabinet was before we cleaned the front of that cabinet and the right side shows the cabinet after we cleaned. 

Rochester Fire Damage

This picture shows damage from a fire that SERVPRO of Rochester was called to for fire mitigation service. Fortunately the main level of the home sustained only minimal damage with the upper level having the most damage.

Disposal of Items After Flooding in Byron and Kasson

This picture shows our SERVPRO of Rochester van after taking out affected materials from a home. The recent storms have cause extensive damage to whole basements. We always take moisture readings and all materials in the home from ceiling to walls and floors. These readings tell us the moisture in the material and then we go by IICRC standards to determine which materials need to be removed.

Rochester Home Saturated...

Storm damage like we have been having here in MN has devastating affects on homes. This picture shows what SERVPRO of Rochester technicians saw after taking out affected materials from the flood. 

Rochester Flooding

This picture was taken at a home SERVPRO of Rochester was called to help with as their basement was flooded. The water was powerful and mighty as the recent storms caused so much damages to homes and businesses.

SERVPRO of Rochester Helps with Water Mitigation

No one wants or expects to come home or wake up after a thunderstorm to find your carpets squishy and items on carpet wet along with the furniture. There are times when these superstorms come through dumping tons of water in a very short time period. 

This picture is one that was taken after a recent storm.  We came in after a sump pump failure and removed all the carpeting and some other affected materials.

Rochester Sump Pump Failures

SERVPRO of Rochester has seen a lot of these sump pump failures in the last 24 hours.  Rochester, Minnesota received over 5" of rain in a time period of 6 hours.  This resulted in flooding of roadways, basements, and sump pumps to fail.  Even homes with sump pumps with back-up pumps couldn't keep up to the water. These storms are common in Minnesota especially in June. 

If you find your self facing a wet basement because your sump pump isn't working there are a few things to know about what you should do. Check to make sure your sump pump is plugged in. If it is and you determine that the sump pump is not working, you will need to get another sump pump up and going to remove the water until SERVPRO of Rochester can arrive.  Then, begin removing any valuables and items to a dry place.  Next, you should call your insurance agent and ask for SERVPRO of Rochester services.

SERVPRO of Rochester Uses PPE

This picture shows some of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that we at SERVPRO of Rochester use of jobs.  The white suit worn over your work clothes and even have shoe covers with a hood all in one piece.  The other PPE in the picture is a half face respirator.  We use these often and have different cartridges to use depending on the job. 

SERVPRO of Rochester Tries to Work Carefully

I don't always to get to see every job SERVPRO of Rochester completes.  However, I am proud as I scroll through the photos to see how careful our technicians are and how nice they leave the affected area.  This picture shows a living room after the carpet was removed and fan placed for drying the affected area.

SERVPRO of Rochester Helps at Commercial Warehouse Flooding

DON'T WAIT TOO LONG to call SERVPRO of Rochester. 

This ceiling picture is at a local commercial building where there was a broken pipe.  Water gushed out and the ceiling tiles were able to hold the water was too heavy.

SERVPRO of Rochester Cleaned Commercial Kitchen

Another great example of why SERVPRO cleaning products are the best!  We used Wall And All Cleaner with some deodorizer and the smoke and grease came off with ease! The photo was taken at a unit where the tenant was a heavy smoker.

SERVPRO of Rochester Before & After Cleaning

The left side of this photo shows how this rental cabinet after using SERVPRO cleaning product. The right side is how we found the entire apartment.  The former tenant was a heavy smoker.

Rochester Home Containment to Aid Water Mitigation

The picture is of a home that SERVPRO of Rochester helped after a water intrusion.  There are two main reasons that we use containment.  SERVPRO of Rochester uses containment to avoid the rest of the home from becoming dusty. Also,  we use containment to reduce the area that we are drying. 

Protecting Rochester's Customer's Home

This picture shows how SERVPRO of Rochester installed green flooring protection on a customer's stairs.  We put this down so that as materials are removed and taken out to be disposed of that water, dirt, etc aren't tracked onto the carpet.

Kasson Home Delaminated Carpet

This carpet was delaminated when SERVPRO of Rochester was checking to see if the carpet was salvageable. It was determined after looking at the back of the carpet that the back was peeling away from the carpet and not able to be salvaged.

SERVPRO of Rochester Uses Wood Flooring Drying System

SERVPRO of Rochester has an in place drying mat system for wood floors.  Sometimes it's best to try drying the wood floor to see if it can be saved.  This system removes the water and moisture from the wood without damaging the floor.  Technicians monitor the moisture levels daily and move the mats around to ensure all areas of the floor is drying.

Rochester Fire Damaged Home

This picture was taken when SERVPRO of Rochester arrived at this home.  The home had an electrical fire and the home had to be completely taken down to the studs and frame.  This can be a long process for the homeowners.  SERVPRO of Rochester is here to help you.  We packed up the contents of this home, brought it back to our shop.  There we inventoried it, cleaned, deodorized and ozoned all the contents.

Rochester Home Broken Pipe

This winter was a rough one!  SERVPRO of Rochester has seen many of these copper pipes that burst and were broken.  SERVPRO of Rochester works directly with insurance companies, adjusters and agents.  We document the cause of each loss.  

Rochester Home's Dirty Duct Vents

Who would have ever thought that the inside of a home duct would look like this?

This is a picture of a residential duct vent.  You can see the dust and dander on the inside of the duct. 

Rochester Carpet Cleaning

It is so fun to see the before and after pictures that the technicians take on each job.

This particular photo was taken at a home. The left side of photo was before our cleaning technician began working.  The right side is carpet after cleaning.